Fee Schedule

Share Draft Accounts

Service Fee
Overdraft Transfer $5.00 - per occurrence
NSF Return $25.00 - per item
Member Share Draft Copy $5.00 - per item
Member Draft Stop Pymt $5.00 - per item
CU Issued Check Stop Pymt $25.00 - per item
ACH Stop/Return $25.00 - per occurrence (request in writing)
Share Draft Printing 1st basic box free
ATM Transaction Fee 1st 6 per month free (each additional $1.00)

Debit and Visa Cards

Service Fee
Returned Check $25.00 - Visa Only
Late Payment $25.00 - Visa Only
Replacement Card 1st Free/$15.00 each additional occurrence
Next Day Air $50.00
Pin Number Mailer $5.00

Miscellaneous (applicable to all accounts)

Service Fee
Deposited Check Return $25.00 - per occurrence
Statement/Account History Documents $1.50 - per page
Acct. Verification $5.00 - per account
Certified Member Letters $15.00 - per letter
Return Mail Fee $10.00 - per occurrence
All Wires - In/Out $25.00
Garnishment/Levy/Subpoena Processing Fee $30.00
Dormant Account NO FEES - unless filed with the state after 3 years. A processing fee of $100.00 and a retro-active fee of $2.50 a month after 1 year of inactivity.
Loan Late Payment $25.00 after 10 days of due date
Real Estate Satisfaction Current County Rate Plus $10.00

Dormancy Fee:

We NO longer charge a monthly dormancy fee. You must have activity on your account or it will be sent into the state after 3 yrs. Please activate your account now.    

Ways of Activation:

 Sign & return this request to the Credit Union by mail, fax, in-person or email.

  1. Send a deposit or request a transfer or withdrawal.

  2. Call us and state your intentions that you would like to update your activity status with us.

  3. Sign up for home-banking or bill pay with us or use your credit union Visa.

 Please take this opportunity to update your account; have you had an address, e-mail, phone or joint owner change since you opened your account? Do you need a loan, checking or club account? We offer a variety of services and a very competitive dividend. If you are a joint owner on other accounts they can be updated now as wellPlease keep in mind that we will not reverse these fees once they’ve been accessed, so activate your account now!